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Edifier Speakers

Edifier Speakers

Edifier specialises in premium audio solutions that showcase technological innovation and design elegance. We deliver outstanding sound experience through a wide range of sound systems for personal entertainment and professional excellence.

Over the past two decades, Edifier has grown from a small team of audio enthusiasts to an internationally recognised leader in audio solutions. Edifier products are now enjoyed by customers from over 70 countries. 

Edifier's award-winning designers all believe in one thing: a passion for sound. Through research and innovation, we seek bold design that's also intuitive to use.

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Edifier M1250 2.0 Speaker Set - CMM1250
Featuring a flat panel design and weighing only 550 grams, M1250 offers unmatched portability and performance. Its compact shape frees up your precious desktop space, while dramatically improves the audio from your PCs, laptops and portable devices with just two speakers.   In addition, M1250's components are magnetically shielded to provide an uninterrupted listening experience. ..
Edifier R12 2.0 Compact Speaker Set - CMR12
Edifier enters the world of USB powered speakers with the R12U edition, the ideal companion speaker to PCs and notebooks. Designed to fit small spaces in a compact 2.0 system, R12U comes with the convenience of great audio performance at affordable price. What’s more? It also features a 3.5mm auxiliary input to connect with portables and MP3 players.   Features • Active USB..
Edifier R19U 2.0 Multimedia  Speaker Set - CMR19U
R19U - RRP £24.99 Extraordinary sound powered by a USB connection. USB direct power 2.0 speaker system Angled design reduces interference Large knob controls volume and power Quality audio out of a small package R19U is equipped with Edifier's latest 2.75” full-range speaker unit, engineered to deliver wide and detailed sound with just two spea..
Edifier M1380 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System - CMM1380
The M1380 is a complete audio solution for an array of audio applications. The 2.1 speaker system features two full range satellites tuned, calibrated and matched with the subwoofer to form a balance of clarity, richness and full audio output. Equiped with a wired remote that includes a headphone jack and an auxiliary 3.5mm stereo input on the unit, the M1380 can be used solo or easily connecte..
Edifier 5.1 Speaker System - CMM1550
Edifier M1550 5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System   The M1550, 5.1 speaker system by Edifier is an efficient mini home theatre solution, or simply a speaker system for optimal surround sound. The wooden encased subwoofer provides rich sound while the volume is controlled with ease via the wired remote controller. The 3.5mm jacks allow the ability for both stereo input signal and 5.1 ch..
Edifier XM6BT 2.1 Bluetooth Speaker System - CMXM6BT
The XM6BT is a 2.1 multimedia bluetooth enabled sound system. The satellites of the XM6BT house 3-inch woofer mid-range units and 10mm treble units. The satellite produces a power output of 12W each totalling to a total power of 24W. The satellites packaged with the XM6BT upgrades not only your sound but your style. When it comes to audio don’t settle for less. The XM6BT from Edifier pumps ba..
Edifier 2.2 Bluetooth Speaker System - CME10BT
With the combination of smooth curves and straight lines, the all-new Exclaim by Edifier is a fully active bi-amped 2.2 bluetooth enabled speaker system, with each speaker unit being driven by its own internal amplifier. Full integral Digital Signal Processing (DSP) delivers active crossover frequencies, superb tonal balance (regardless of volume setting) and Dynamic Range Compensation (DRC) to..
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